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How does your
money flow

We find customers who want to switch to solar...

...if they can save money vs. what they currently pay for their (largely coal powered) electricity. .

We help finance the switch to solar...

...Financing helps spread the upfront cost of solar over time. The better the financing terms, the lower the monthly cost. If the monthly cost of solar falls well below what our customers currently pay, they are eager to switch.

You invest...

Your money adds to the pool of financing for our solar projects. Projects listed here may already be in a portfolio or about to receive an investment. Your loan may fund a new plant, or support an existing funding need which frees up capital for a new plant.

You earn a return while accelerating clean energy

We start repaying your loan in monthly installments, 30 days after your investment is finalized. You can instantly withdraw that money or re-deploy it into more solar projects!

Are you an

Reach out to find out how we can help you invest more than $10,000 in renewable energy projects.