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Align your investments with your values.

Until now, renewable energy has been the domain of large financial institutions. We want to fix that. We want every investor to benefit by investing for good. Your money makes affordable capital available for renewable energy in emerging markets. You generate a 6% APY return by lending money. We are on-site, working closely with people buying solar power helping them transition to clean energy.

Benefits of investing with renewables.org

We can build a managed portfolio of renewable energy assets. You get hassle-free investing while doing good. Her are some key features of investing with us.

Interest and principal are repaid monthly. View our repayment calculator here.

Currently the average loan length is 5 years. This is because investing in solar requires 3-4 years to breakeven.

We welcome investments as low as $25. We allocate this money towards one or more solar projects to help maximize impact.

The repayments are generated from existing cash flows and projects which are either live or about to go live.

We choose partners who can manage the assets while we manage your funds.

New to solar investing?

Watch Ramez Naam, one of our Board of Directors, Investors and Co-Chair of Energy at Singularity University talk about renewable energy economics.

Our Team

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Our Core Values


Buck stops with me

Get it done

Impact driven

Everyone is a partner in progress

Our values aren't just words. They're what truly matter to us, and we hold ourselves publicly accountable for them. Please touch base with any questions.

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Questions about lending?

Are you interested in lending funds to projects through renewables.org, but have questions? Check out our FAQs for answers.

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Reach out to find out how we can help you invest more than $10,000 in renewable energy projects.

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Join our team and help accelerate renewable energy deployment in emerging markets. Email careers@renewables.org to apply.